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K-1's commitment to providing quality product has convinced technology-driven companies worldwide to choose us as their premier supply chain partner. Our main objective and focal point remain, as always, to not only meet, but exceed, all expectations. Delivering only top-quality product is our resolve and the unwavering efforts towards our additional goals of creating consistent, positive, reliable outcomes is how K-1 creates productive, sustainable relationships worldwide.

For many years, K-1 has been successfully protecting clients from sub-standard product in Aerospace, Medical, Automotive, Nuclear, and Commercial sectors industry wide.

  • K-1 understands that gaining your loyalty, and remaining a dependable partner, requires our consistent and reliably delivering of quality parts in which you can trust. K-1's team of experienced and certified Inspectors and Logistics Specialists have developed a Zero-Tolerance Quality Control process to eliminate inherent risks within the navigation of today's market. Zero-Tolerance, A+, Top Tier, Exceptional Quality product & service.
  • As every company is subject to an accurate and reliable supply chain, K-1 ensures that we remain a trusted provider by making sure every order adheres to our Zero-Tolerance Inspection policy: a detailed visual inspection along with testing by qualified inspectors - for all components received. Chemical Testing, Microscopy, XRF, X-Ray, Decapsulation; all methods to secure and ensure quality product is delivered as promised.
  • K-1's policy and objectives are firm as processes and procedures remain in place to ensure every component is delivered as scheduled, without sacrificing quality. Golden sample catalog is ever changing and on-going. Data sheets are reviewed by qualified inspectors and quality management. Checks & Balances remain intact and are continually measured for on-going success.
  • • Quality, authenticity, and the security of your components is paramount to K-1's processes, procedures, and entire staff.

Quality matters

K-1’s Quality programs ensure reliable procurement and authenticity

Meeting your production schedule means nothing if products aren’t authentic. K-1’s end-to-end quality management program protects you by vetting and frequently reevaluating suppliers. Our inspection and testing programs prevent counterfeit components from entering your supply chain.

K-1 has an AS-9120 Approved Counterfeit Mitigation program approved by DLA, US Army, US Navy, all major aircraft companies and Tier1 government contractors and contract manufacturers.

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Supplier Management

K-1 maintains a very strict policy for which organizations our inventory is procured. If not directly from the manufacturer, with traceability and/or chain of custody, a line item can only be purchased from a qualified and fully vetted top-tier supplier. This database is frequently updated and each supplier is continuously inspected and audited under the oversight of our Quality Manager.

Receiving & Inspection

All material that is received has to be screened for authenticity and reliability following our ISO9001 and AS9120 (Aerospace) Certifications, no matter the origin of purchase. Manufacturer datasheets are referenced for specifications against fit, form, and markings. A photographic record is kept of each item received. Microscopy up to 200x, barcode readability, label authenticity and integrity, traceability, and other methods of screening in accordance to inspection requirements, verification steps, and IDEA 1010B STD.

Certified Component Quality Engineers

K-1 is one of the few independent distributors to employ certified component quality engineers who are trained on counterfeit awareness, detection and inspection methods, and customer-specific processes.

K-1’s three-tier inspection methodology includes initial inspection when parts arrive, detailed inspection by engineers in our testing facilities, and a final visual confirmation before shipping.

Visual Inspection of Electronic Components

Our inspectors conduct visual inspections and authenticity verifications of all incoming produc

Testing & Analysis

Upon customer request, or if inspection personnel discover discrepancies or something suspect, several actions initiate including a detailed request to test. Local, contracted test houses are properly certified and readily available. AS6081 and various other screening protocol to ensure the material is authentic and 100% match manufacturer specifications.

Outbound/Shipping Inspection

As part of our three-tiered process, products deemed ready for resale go through final verification before being prepared for shipment.


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K-1’s detailed inspection process surpasses the industry standard set by IDEA 1010B for incoming product. Quality Management measures this process regularly and vigorously; all warehouse staff is required to undergo group and individual training and reviews are regularly done to measure the effects of our training, processes, and procedures. Measured success is achieved by successfully attaining our quality objectives, goals, processes, and procedures as zero-tolerance remains at the forefront of our policies. Product entering our facility immediately initiates the verification check list in which each part must undergo the intensive verification process. As with our suppliers, evaluations, inspections, and the overall process, every aspect remains detailed, vigorous, recorded, and referenceable.

Only qualified, trained, and accredited personnel are responsible for performing incoming inspection, product verification, as well as the packaging and shipping processes. Properly dressed, badged, and equipped personnel are granted access to the warehouse and inspection areas. These areas are gated and monitored electronically to avoid unauthorized entry. Badges are required at all times to avoid the possibility of an issue and surveillance remains active 24-hours a day. The security of our warehouse and all contents within are as valuable as our quality process and protocol.

Our detailed Inspection process includes:

Our detailed Inspection process includes:

  • General Carton Inspection
    • Evidence of damage
    • Weight
    • Evidence of tampering
    • Record images for evidence and reference
  • Outer Product Carton Inspection
    • Signs of damage or opening
    • Labels
    • Seal integrity
    • Data verification
    • Golden sample verification
    • Barcode readability
  • Inner Contents Inspection
    • Inner contents, packaging, bag seal and labels; images
    • Inspection of seal integrity
    • Comparing inner and outer labels; images
    • Verify bag seal date with product date code
    • Bar code readability, product verification
    • Verification of proper packaging for Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL) in comparison to datasheet
    • ESD verification

Tubes, Reels, Trays, Bulk all undergo proper inspection verifying name, logo, markings, count, condition, coloring, consistency, orientation, leaders (reel specific), stoppers (tube specific), protection, and overall integrity.

Each package requires its' own verification check list with QC stamps and management approvals required throughout and upon completion. Inspection reports are readily available with images.


Strict, stringent, and controlled processes are in place specifically for non-conforming material. Non-Conforming material is identified, labeled, and immediately removed from production area. Product is quickly placed in the quarantine area for review and further instruction. The Non-Conforming area is outside production, vibrantly labeled, and secured to authorized personnel only. Once material is labeled as non-conforming, proper investigation begins. K-1's procedures for non-conforming material are followed and guided by authorized personnel and management representatives only with the non-conforming material remaining in quarantine throughout investigation. Findings will determine proper process and next steps.

    • Solderability Testing
    • Fluorescent Dye Penetrant
    • XRF Analysis
    • X-Ray Examination
    • AM Testing
    • Types of AM Modes or Scans
    • Destructive and Elevated Temperature Solvent Tests
    • De-Capusulation

K-1 has an open-door policy. We are confident in our process and ability. We invite and encourage an on-site visit. Transparency is paramount and invaluable.


Ground Zero ANSI / ESD S20.20-2007

K-1’s team of experienced and certified engineers, inspectors, and logistics specialists have developed a zero-tolerance quality control process that can eliminate the risks of navigating the open market. Our commitment to providing quality electronic parts has convinced technology-driven companies around the world to choose K-1 as their premier supply chain partner.


ISO 9001:2015 and AS 9120:2016 Certified



AC-00-56B Certified




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