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K-1 is a Solutions company that adds value to your supply chain by deliver the outcomes you need with creative solutions from a partner who will earn your trust.


Finding the parts to overcome an immediate shortage solves today’s problems. K-1 provides custom supply chain solutions with global reach, flexibility and support services to solve sourcing and obsolescence problems for the future.



Global Distribution Network

Whether it’s eliminating risk to production or supporting future innovation, your supply chain shouldn’t hold you back. K-1 has the market insight and global reach essential to quickly resolve electronic component shortages.

As a connected distributor, we sit at the crossroads of supply and demand, helping our customers achieve their goals. K-1’s extensive market knowledge, experience, and connections allow us to predict component shortage as well as surplus. Our approach allows us to react and advise you before pricing, quality, or production are impacted.

Targeted Solutions

Every business is unique, so all K-1 Solutions are custom in some way, every solution begins with market intelligence and ends with better inventory control. K-1’s commodity management team provides unparalleled and actionable intelligence to add value to your supply chain by ensuring 100% quality, balance inventory to need and control costs.

K-1 takes pride in listening and understanding our customers’ challenges and expectations, then tailor our programs to ensure seamless alignment and flawless execution.

Obsolescence and Lifecycle Extension Support

When you’re faced with obsolescence challenges, the key solution isn’t one that postpones a decision. The key solution is one that gives you control, is right for your company, your customers and your timelines. K-1 blends world-class quality services, unrivalled investment in our resources – like our brand new Hi-Rel test lab, our continual assessment of verified suppliers, our unique global reach – and deep experience across all industries to bring you the right solution, at the right time, to support your needs and goals.

Data Science

Many of our customers believe “what we know is more important than what we do.” K-1 leverages decades of data analytics and trends to navigate our customers through their dynamic supply chain. Our global systems collect supply and demand data and help create matches in the market that solve the business problems our customers face.

How can you best manage risk for your business? K-1’s sales professionals answer that question by getting to know your business and your definition of value, and then designing an intelligent, scalable supply chain solution. You make earlier and better decisions, reduce lead times, control costs, and even create new revenue opportunities. It all adds up to a business partnership that leverages best practice sharing and transparency.

K-1 Data Analytics and Market Data give you an edge on your competition. Changes in sensitive markets impact all players. K-1’s comprehensive visibility and market data intelligence expose trends in supply and demand dynamics, empowering our customers to minimize shortages and optimize cost.


K-1 is a strategic partner

optimizing inventories and maximizing value recovery


K-1 leverages its preferred status with OEMs, EMS, ODMs, and Integration Partners to bring your product to more diverse global channels. Our targeted marketing approach is focused around matching global supply and demand. We enable you to make confident inventory disposition decisions by utilizing our leading-edge data analytics and market intelligence.


K-1 has several financial models to provide flexibility, control, and transparency, and to drive maximum value recovery. We offer flexible solutions designed to convert excess inventory into maximum ROI:


  • Outright Purchase – Quickest return via line item or entire lots
  • Consignment – Maximize value recovery over time, leveraging real-time customer visibility and reporting
  • Custom Solutions – Programs designed for specific needs
Your advantage? K-1’s market visibility, proven process, and product expertise