Xilinx Inc XC7K325T-2FFG900I


  • Manufacturer:Xilinx Inc
  • Category:Integrated Circuits / Embedded FPGA
  • Description:FPGA Kintex-7 Family 326080 Cells 28nm Technology 1V
  • Package:900 Pin FCBGA
  • Status:Active In Stock

Part Description

Kintex®-7 FPGAs are available in -3, -2, -1, -1L, and -2L speed grades, with -3 having the highest performance. The -2L devices are screened for lower maximum static power and can operate at lower core voltages for lower dynamic power than the -2 devices. The -2L industrial (I) temperature devices operate only at VCCINT = 0.95V. The -2L extended (E) temperature devices can operate at either VCCINT = 0.9V or 1.0V. The -2LE devices when operated at VCCINT = 1.0V, and the -2LI devices when operated at VCCINT = 0.95V, have the same speed specifications as the -2 speed grade, except where noted. When the -2LE devices are operated at VCCINT = 0.9V, the speed specifications, static power, and dynamic power are reduced. The -1L military (M) temperature devices have the same speed specifications as the -1 military temperature devices and are screened for lower maximum static power. Kintex-7 FPGA DC and AC characteristics are specified in commercial, extended, industrial, expanded (-1Q), and military (-1M) temperature ranges. Except for the operating temperature range or unless otherwise noted, all the DC and AC electrical parameters are the same for a particular speed grade (that is, the timing characteristics of a -1 speed grade military temperature device are the same as for a -1 speed grade commercial temperature device). However, only selected speed grades and/or devices are available in each temperature range. For example, -1M is only available in the defense-grade Kintex-7Q family, and -1Q is only available in XA Kintex-7 FPGAs. All supply voltage and junction temperature specifications are representative of worst-case conditions. The parameters included are common to popular designs and typical applications.



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