K-1 Quality that instills customer confidence

Building products with highest quality components gives you a competitive edge. Quality reduces returns, maintenance, and operational expenses while building customer confidence – the foundation for brand loyalty. K-1 knows that only by delivering the quality you need K-1 will be the partner you turn to again and again.

K-1 Technologies has the longest warranty in the industry of 10 years


K-1 has 0 failures in last 15 years on over $100 million dollars of components to over 1000 customers & 40 different countries. K-1 is AS9120 and ISO9001:2015 certified. We monitor and analyze industry supply and demand to ensure our stay at the forefront of this ever changing and rapidly growing industry. We have eliminated any re-marked and counterfeit components from reaching our customers warehouse by only buying parts with traceability or testing parts with no exceptions.

K-1 has vendor rating of 99% plus with over 100 companies and governments that track quality and on time deliveries. K-1 has never been removed from any supply chain because of quality or customer service.

K-1 is an approved supplier to the governments of over 30 countries including USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Brazil, Mexico.

Quality matters

K-1’s Quality programs ensure reliable procurement and authenticity

Meeting your production schedule means nothing if products aren’t authentic. K-1’s end-to-end quality management program protects you by vetting and frequently reevaluating suppliers. Our inspection and testing programs prevent counterfeit components from entering your supply chain.

K-1 has an AS-9120 Approved Counterfeit Mitigation program approved by DLA, US Army, US Navy, all major aircraft companies and Tier1 government contractors and contract manufacturers.

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Supplier Management

We source only from K-1-approved suppliers, verified through our supplier management program. We research and prequalify suppliers to ensure all products are procured from proven, reputable sources, and track quality history, performance, and service fulfillment, in addition to stock supply/demand and order history information.

Inspection and Testing

You want your components to meet your requirements and to be on time. Detailed visual inspection and testing by our qualified inspectors ensures we meet schedules and order volumes without sacrificing quality. K-1 employees a Zero Tolerance Inspection process, 100% of Components either come from trust sources or are tested, no exceptions!

Certified Component Quality Engineers

K-1 is one of the few independent distributors to employ certified component quality engineers who are trained on counterfeit awareness, detection and inspection methods, and customer-specific processes.

K-1’s three-tier inspection methodology includes initial inspection when parts arrive, detailed inspection by engineers in our testing facilities, and a final visual confirmation before shipping.

Visual Inspection of Electronic Components

Our inspectors conduct visual inspections and authenticity verifications of all incoming produc

Electronic Components Engineering Inspection

Our engineers evaluate components at a microscopic level to ensure quality and authenticity.

Outbound/Shipping Inspection

As part of our three-tiered process, products deemed ready for resale go through final verification before being prepared for shipment.


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Ground Zero ANSI / ESD S20.20-2007

K-1’s team of experienced and certified engineers, inspectors, and logistics specialists have developed a zero-tolerance quality control process that can eliminate the risks of navigating the open market. Our commitment to providing quality electronic parts has convinced technology-driven companies around the world to choose K-1 as their premier supply chain partner.


ISO 9001:2015 and AS 9120:2016 Certified



AC-00-56B Certified




REG# M25690



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