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K-1 Technologies has been responding to the constantly   changing market dynamics and customer needs in the distribution of electronic   components since 1984. We specialize in Hi-rel, Mil-spec and Space grade   electronic components, specifically microcircuits, semiconductors, IC’s,   connectors, diodes, relays, capacitors, memory modules and resistor networks.   K-1 Technologies is a Hub Zone Certified Small Business.

K-1 Technologies has an ISO9001:2000 certified quality control   system. We monitor and analyze industry supply and demand to ensure our stay at   the forefront of this ever changing and rapidly growing industry. We have been   very successful eliminating any re-marked and counterfeit components from   reaching our customers warehouse by doing extensive research on all parts and   vendors that have had any of these components in the past. We believe in an   innovative, ethical, and team-oriented approach in providing optimum solutions   to our valued customers.
We are currently a   strategic vendor for companies such as Solectron, General Dynamics, Lockheed   Martin, Smiths Detection, and L-3 Communications. These are just to name a few.   In the past six months alone we have sold product from more than 300 different   manufacturers. We sell direct to most of the large franchised distributors and   buy the majority of our components direct from manufacturers. Our just in time   delivery of obsolete, allocated, and hard to find components has kept production   lines running.

We provide military components direct to the US Government,   DLA, the Air Force, and the US Army Tank Command in addition to OEM’s and   Contract Manufacturers. K-1 Technologies also sells to the governments of Chile,   Venezuela, and Argentina. In dealing with these companies and the governments we   have become very familiar with requirements and procedures that will help us to   provide you with excellent customer service.

Please visit our website and check our inventory at   www.k-1tech.com. We also have access to inventory not listed so please contact   us with any requirements.

Review our SBA/ CCR Small business link @ http://dsbs.sba.gov/dsbs/dsp_profile.cfm?User_Id=P0288162

Our Sales Team is made up of electronic professionals   with many years of experience in the franchised and independent market. In this   volatile component industry, K-1 Technologies maintains a flexible, open-minded,   and contemporary business plan to provide quality performance and complete   customer satisfaction. In order to guarantee client success, quality, and growth   customer input is needed and greatly appreciated. Our best ideas have always   come from our valued customers.

K-1 Corporate

K-1 Technologies
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Telephone: (727) 342-1111
Toll Free: 866-K1TECH-7
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E-mail: sales@k-1tech.com

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