Franchised Manufacturers


Full line of PCB Connectors for Telecom, Computer and Medical applications. Wire to wire, board to board, terminal blocks

Conesys/Aero-Electric Connector is a first-rate designer and cost competitive manufacturer of high performance environmental and firewall-rated cylindrical connectors.

Lionconn Technology

Provider of connector and antenna solution for communication and consumer electronics industries


Chiplus Semiconductor Corp.

Leading IC design house that is devoted to the design and development of green chips – High Speed Super Low Power SRAM & LED driver ICs,

HTC Korea

Semiconductor-Voltage regulators and stabilizers, Converters, Controllers

Brilliance Semiconductor

SRAM- ultra low power

Sino Microelectronics

Mosfets, Diodes, Transistors, Thyristor’s

Holtek Semiconductor

Semiconductors – 8 Bit MCU’s, 8 & 32 bit Flash MCU’s, Power Management, Encoder/ Decoder

Union Semiconductor

Semiconductors –


Nemco Electronics

Tantalum Capacitors

Chilisin Electronics

Power & Chip Inductors, Beads, Common Chokes, LTCC-LC Filters



Global provider of Dip switches, Tactile switches, and other precision switches, such as Slide switches, Detection switches, Push & Lever switches and Rotary switches.

Formosa Electronic

Provider of Battery Pack for Li-ion & Li-Polymer, Li-FE, Ni-MH, Ni-Cad, AC-AC adaptor, AC/DC power adaptors,DC/DC Power adaptors.

Fuzetec Technology

Leading Manufacturer of Circuit Protection Device, PPTC Resettable Fuse (PTC Thermistor, PTC VARIABLE RESISTER, Variable Resistance PTC Thermistor, Variable Resistor, and Current Limiter.

JFW Industries

RF Switches, Attenuators, Power Dividers, and Test Accessories


Saw Filters-Crystals-VCO- Frequency Stabilizers


RF, power and ferrite inductors , thin and thick film chip resistors, ceramic chip capacitors


Leading provider of circuit protection components and modules.


Lite-On IT

LED’s, Displays, Photocouplers, Encoders, Photointerruptors

ISOCOM Components

Leading supplier of infrared optoelectronic devices specializing in optocouplers.


Winstar Display

Full line of Character and Graphic LCD Modules

K-1 Corporate

K-1 Technologies
10901 Roosevelt Blvd.
Suite 800 B
St. Petersburg, FL 33716

Telephone: (727) 342-1111
Toll Free: 866-K1TECH-7
Fax: (727) 342-1112

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